Youth safety is of paramount importance to Scouting. For that reason the BSA continues to create barriers to abuse beyond what have previously existed in Scouting. Our youth members. To maintain such an environment the BSA has developed numerous procedural and leadership selection policies and provides parents and leaders with numerous online and print resources for the Cub Scout Boy Scout and Venturing programs. The BSA and the Chartered Organization The Boy Scouts of America makes Scouting...
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Good day everyone thank you for joining us as Sam explained very well we're going to spend a couple hours talking about a new form so without a doubt you're pretty excited about today's program obviously though this is an important responsibilities under the bank secrecy act we file 12 to 13 million currency transaction reports in every calendar year it's a responsibility that is significant for your institution and probably a number of your employees one of the things I think that you should be thinking about as we work our way through the new form is how you're going to conduct training among your staff members some of you may already be using the form is for some of you you may have decided to make the switch from paper to the new electronic form 112 and just simply skipped the middle generation of the electronic form 104 in any case we're going to go through just as Sam said a series of slides I hope you did print those out so you can take some notes if it's necessary you also have a copy of the demonstration form copy of the new form 112 and I hope you've got that printed out as for the instructions my suggestion would be that you keep them in electronic form and develop the habit of using them that way because frankly they're a lot easier to search but in any case if you've got it out in front of you I will make some references to those as well this is the new BSA CPR also now being called the fencin CTR and that is in reference where in comparison to what is now called the legacy forms in terms of the earlier version of the electronic forms but in any case the current version of the form 112 does not mirror the old versions of the currency transaction report it is substantially different it represents a new compliance responsibilities and it definitely represents a new training opportunity within your institution I will try to go back and forth between referring to this form is either BSA CTR or the fence and CPR and I'll refer to the older forms as the legacy forms that label has been placed upon them by fence in those are the forms that are currently in use in terms of being able to file them electronically the form 112 the one who are focused on today I talked to a fence in representative about the form several months ago and after I'd refer to it as a form a couple times he took the opportunity to correct me said when i Ken were not really calling him forms they're actually electronic data collection devices and I'm thinking well maybe you stay need to spend a little bit less time at the office but in any case after I had some exposure to them I came to understand exactly what he means this is not truly a form it is a device wherein we input data I think it's been created and the format of a form to make it familiar to us make it something we're more comfortable well but really what it is is just a data entry template in any case the new BSA CTR there's not going to be any paper equivalent of this form not now not in the future FinCEN...